Drawing with coloured crayons

Fabriano has thought about keeping you company at such a difficult time for all of us.

Staying at home is everyone's duty but we can also turn it into something pleasurable: who said having to stay at home is boring?

We believe that the imagination can take us outside and into fantastic worlds... so why not set it free and start drawing or painting!

We decided to prepare some simple tutorials - one per week - to help you rediscover things you already knew but had never studied in depth or else provide new information to help you express your creativity.

Are you ready? Let's get going!

Today's tutorial focuses on one of the first things we learned to draw with: COLOURED CRAYONS.


You will need:

- crayons

- rough or smooth paper

- pencil

- rubber eraser

- pencil sharpener

- smudger

Useful hints:

- Depending on the type of paper you use, you can achieve different results: rough paper produces a rougher sketch, while smooth paper ensures uniform backgrounds.

- It is a good idea to prepare the outline with a pencil and then colour it in later.

- Pass the smudger over the crayon strokes to help shade the colour.

- Always hold the crayons at an angle to the sheet of paper.


- You can obtain a graphic effect by using crossed lines with a thicker pattern in the darker areas.

- The best way to shade and blend is by overlapping nuances. Apply more pressure in darker areas to obtain a three-dimensional effect.

Important! If you smudge areas of the sheet of paper that are not yet coloured in, you risk spoiling them. You can use a rubber eraser to remedy this!

Are you ready?

Enjoy your art work!