Drawing with wax crayons

Fabriano has thought about keeping you company at such a difficult time for all of us.

Staying at home is everyone's duty but we can also turn it into something pleasurable: who said having to stay at home is boring?

We believe that the imagination can take us outside and into fantastic worlds... so why not set it free and start drawing or painting!

We decided to prepare some simple tutorials - one per week - to help you rediscover things you already knew but had never studied in depth or else provide new information to help you express your creativity.

Are you ready? Let's get going!

Today we have a new tutorial focusing on those colourful "sticks" everyone knows: WAX CRAYONS.

These crayons are very versatile and have a pasty consistency you can exploit to draw lines, fill in backgrounds, create shading and design graffiti.

You will need:

- wax crayons

- rough paper

- pencil

- rubber eraser-bread

- pencil sharpener

- cloth

- toothpicks


Useful hints:

- wax crayons can be sharpened just like pencils to draw thinner lines

- if you exert differential pressure on the sheet of paper, you can create different nuances

- wax crayons can only be cancelled using a rubber eraser-bread



- The background technique allows you to fill in shapes evenly; the wax crayon should have a flat tip to do this.

- the flakes left over after sharpening wax crayons can be used to create a play of nuances to your drawings a fairy-tale look

- you can also apply several layers with crayons of different colours and then scratch the top layer with a toothpick to obtain a technique similar to graffiti.

Important! If you press hard with your hand, crayons produce flakes that can stick to the sheet of paper. This is why it is always useful to have a cloth on hand to clean the surface.


Are you ready?

Enjoy your art work!