Drawing with pencil

Let's continue with our tutorial about a technique widely used by artists: pencil chiaroscuro.

Pencils are is used to create shadows in the drawings and are defined by lead inside, which can be hard or soft. There are many types of pencil and can be identified by the abbreviation on the side:

  • type H are hard, leave a clear mark and are used for sketches and technical drawings.
  • type B are soft, leave a dark mark  and are excellent for chiaroscuro.

How is the chiaroscuro effect achieved?

What you need:
- rough white sheet
- soft pencil type B
- rubber eraser
- pencil sharpener

Useful hints:
- a more or less emphatic mark sign can be achieved by varying the pressure of your hand
- a variable stroke ensures more expressiveness and volume in the drawing

The various techniques:
You can obtain chiaroscuro effects in three different ways, each one more enjoyable than the others.
- create a background and then fill in the area in a uniform and nuanced way.
- prepare a cross-hatch by drawing many criss-crossed lines
- apply the doodle technique to create many continuous circles

Are you ready?

Enjoy your art work!