Drawing with markers

Fabriano has thought about keeping you company at such a difficult time for all of us.
Staying at home is everyone's duty but we can also turn it into something pleasurable: who said having to stay at home is boring?
We believe that the imagination can take us outside and into fantastic worlds... so why not set it free and start drawing or painting!
We decided to prepare some simple tutorials - one per week - to help you rediscover things you already knew but had never studied in depth or else provide new information to help you express your creativity.
Are you ready? Let's get going!

We continue our tutorials with felt tip marker pens - a simple but by no means trivial technique.

Markers can be used in a thousand different ways but the most effective and fastest way to obtain fine  drawing results is the background technique, i.e. uniform filling in of certain parts of the drawing.

How can we prepare the backgrounds?

You will need:

- thick and smooth paper
- a pencil
- markers with thick and fine tips

Useful   hints:

- it is always a good idea to prepare a pencil outline to be filled in with the felt tip marker pens
-if you use several marker pens, switch from the lightest to the darkest to avoid the tips becoming dirty
The technique:
- complete the outline with the fill-in colour
- start the internal background using small lines as close together as possible
- all sections should have the same direction to ensure a more orderly effect
- to achieve even more impact, go over the edges of the drawing with a darker colour

Be careful not to overlap lines and if you have to leave white spaces fill them with tiny dabs!

Ready to try?

Enjoy your art work!