Cartiere Fabriano has always been sensitive and attentive to the natural environment. We work to produce or use raw materials with a low environmental impact.
For Cartiere Fabriano, respect for the environment in which we live is extremely important. As such, the need to have reliable environmental management tools available to the company has become increasingly important in recent years. This has led to us obtaining not only a UNI EN ISO 9001:2000 certified Quality System, but also UNI EN ISO 14001 certified Environmental Management System for all production plants.
In 2004, we obtained Environmental Integrated Authorisation (A.I.A.) no. 2/DP4 in accordance with Legislative Decree no. 372/99, which implements Directive EC 96/61. The attainment of the A.I.A. (only the second paper mill in Italy to do so) makes us at Cartiere Fabriano proud, as it confirms what has long been one of the distinguishing features of the company.
Today, awareness of environmental problems has increased, and it has therefore become important to produce in compliance with strict limits, saving energy, water and other natural resources such as forests.

Quality, technology, ecology: in line with this philosophy and confirming our commitment to social responsibility, Cartiere Fabriano produces ecologically friendly products which respect Italian and European environmental regulations covering reduced emissions, the adoption of production processes that reduce water and energy consumption as well as production waste.

Purification plant
The plant utilises two stages of purification. The first is chemical-physical and the second is biological. Together they allow for the recovery of more than 30% of purified water, thereby reducing the environmental impact by more than 70%. The water which is taken upstream is returned, clean, downstream of the production plant.

Co-generation plant
Technology allowing for the simultaneous production of electricity and steam from natural gas (an energy source with an extremely low environmental impact).
Optimisation of energy efficiency. Extremely high overall performance.
Reduction of harmful emissions in the environment.

Hydroelectric energy
The use of hydroelectric energy generates savings of 14,000,000 m³ of natural gas and 26,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions. The Company complies with the Kyoto Protocol (Ministerial authorisation to the emission of greenhouse gases no. 566).

Production at Cartiere Fabriano focuses on high quality products using the sophisticated technology of its machines and production processes.

Production at Fabriano focuses on high quality products using the sophisticated technology of its machines and production processes.

Certificate of Excellence
The company has obtained the “certificate of excellence”. We hereby certify that the “quality, environment and safety” management system complies with the requirements of  UNI EN ISO 9001 – UNI EN ISO 14001 – UNI ISO 45001 – FSC COC.

Quality System certified UNI EN ISO 9001
The new review of Standard  keeps the customer at the heart of business activities by innovating business process management.
The standard promotes an exchange of ideas with the outside world and the customer; the product’s end user becomes the starting point of each and every process. With this in mind, the measure of business performance is extended to include indicators that consider product quality and process quality, with customer satisfaction first and foremost.
This standard aims at protecting all parties interacting with the company through transparency and responsibility, in line with the Group’s ethics code.

Environmental Management System certified UNI EN ISO 14001
Fabriano, Rocchetta, Pioraco and Castelraimondo plants.
The need to have reliable environmental management tools available to the company has, in recent years, become even more pressing. This has led to the integration of various measures aimed at addressing the individual aspects of the problem into a single Environmental Management System.
This integration process, which involves strategic, organisational, managerial, technological and communication-related variables, has been carried out in accordance with standard UNI EN ISO 14001, which is in many ways correlated with UNI EN ISO 9000 standards.
The continuous improvement that both standards envisage, both in terms of environmental and quality performance, brings tangible benefits to management, improving the company’s image and protecting it from a legal point of view. This is in line with European economic policies that aim to stimulate environmental protection, including the improvement and sustainable development of the business itself.

Safety management system certified UNI ISO 45001
The company has obtained safety certification in general and specifically for its employees.
All safety improvement programmes are developed according to objective data which is the basis for improving the entire management system. The company continuously endeavours to implement the best in safety techniques. 

Integrated Environmental Authorisation for Fabriano and Pioraco mill
The Territory and Environment Department of the Marche Region has issued the Fabriano and Pioraco plants of Fabriano with Environmental Integrated Authorisation (A.I.A.) in accordance with Italian Legislative Decree no. 59/05, implementing Directive EC 96/61.
This directive aims at promoting a higher standard of environmental safeguarding through protection and prevention, focusing on the industrial sectors that could potentially have significant impact.
In the attempt to achieve a higher standard of environmental prevention and protection, and understand which instruments can be better used for the purpose of prevention, the BREF has been created. For the paper industry, the 'Best available techniques REFerence report’ (BREF) provides instructions concerning the use of renewable and non-renewable resources (water, energy, raw materials, etc.), polluting emissions in the atmosphere (greenhouse gases - compliance with the Kyoto protocol, noise pollution, etc.) and water (process waste water), and measures to reach preset objectives.
Fabriano is only the second paper mill in Italy to have attained the A.I.A. and it is with great pride that Cartiere Miliani takes this award as confirmation of the social responsibility that has long been one of the distinguishing features of the company, in line with the Group's Ethics Code.

F.S.C. certification
Fabriano has always been extremely sensitive and attentive towards the natural environment. As such, we are proud to announce we have obtained F.S.C. (Forest Stewardship Council) certification for the products listed on the certificate.
These have been produced from cellulose obtained from forests which are managed correctly and responsibly, according to strict social, economic and environmental standards.
The forest of origin has been controlled and assessed independently, in compliance with these standards (principles and criteria for good forest management) that are established and approved by the Forest Stewardship Council by means of the participation and consent of the parties concerned.